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One of the five campuses of Assi College of Health Sciences and Technology.

Assi College of Health Sciences and Technology, popularly known as Assichest, was founded in 2017 to facilitate the development of the health care delivery sector in Nigeria and even beyond.

Assichest is a private tertiary education institution established by a team of hardworking and competent specialists, headed by a visionary leader, who felt that founding a standard health institution is one of the best ways to contribute their own quota to nation building.

Assi College of Health Sciences and Technology’s headquarters is located beside Zuma Rock, at Kilometer 3, Along Abuja-Kaduna Expressway, Madalla, on the very border of the FCT, Abuja, with Niger State.

With its headquarters located just beside the iconic Zuma Rock at Madalla, bordering the FCT, Abuja, Assi College of Health Sciences and Technology is, right from inception, strategically located in the very center and heart of Nigeria in order to serve the whole of Nigeria as Assichest gradually grows out into a national health care institute reaching out to every nook and corner of Nigeria with its superior health care delivery service.

Assi College of Health Sciences and Technology is one of a kind of a health institution in Nigeria and Africa.

The academic, administrative, organizational, social welfare and otherwise structures of Assichest are unique and outmatching in the sense that they were each and every one designed to accord to promote the quality of health care education and service among Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike in an unprecedented manner.

The academic structure at Assichest is, for instance, designed in such a manner that it affords the student population so much consideration and financial support. It is in this regard that Assichest is the only College of Health in the whole of Nigeria that offers special Scholarship programs for its students including the ‘Year One Free Tuition Fee’ Scholarship program and the ‘Assichest Super 50’ Scholarship. Please go to the scholarship section of this website to read about the various scholarship programs of Assichest.

Assi College of Health Sciences and Technology awards professional certificates in various health science courses. All the courses last for three years, with two semesters each, at the end of which the final year students sits for the national examinations conducted by the respective national regulatory bodies or councils. After that the successful student graduates with a professional certificate in the particular field.

The academic and non-academic staffs of Assichest are carefully appointed to meet up with national and international best-practice standards. It is to this end that, for instance, most of Assichest’s academic staff are of high professional calibers. Please go to the staff section of this website to see a list of some of Assichest’s academic and non-academic staffs.

Assichest is also associated and affiliated to a number of health and para-medical institutions and establishment, including hospitals, scattered within Nigeria and the world with which Assichest is working in tandem to ensure high grade professionalism in the health education and health care delivery sectors.

Assichest is also affiliated to a number of national and foreign educational institutions including universities like Assi University, City University, Icon University, etc., etc.

Vision and Mission of Assi College of Health Sciences and Technology

Assichest is dedicated to providing and promoting quality health care delivery education and service within and outside Nigeria by training world standard health professionals.

To produce on a regular basis high quality medical professionals who will go a long way in improving and developing the health care sector in Nigeria and beyond.

Assi College of Health Sciences and Technology